Pinwheel doesn’t have apps that cause the most concern for kids and teens


No social media


No web browser


No addictive games
or ad-driven apps

Hundreds of popular apps with in-depth safety ratings

Pinwheel's curated App Library offers more than 500 apps, including popular ones like Google, Spotify and DuoLingo. Our proprietary rating system informs you about potential dangers of each app so you can choose which you want to allow your child to download.





Freemium: contains ads in the free level.


Messenger Kids

Media or file sharing allowed. Can be monitored by parents.



Mature content. Anonymous communication allowed. Consumption and addictive design.


Pinwheel Approved

Apps fall within guidelines, and are likely to be an easy "yes" for you.


Slightly Out of Bounds

Apps have one or more factors outside the guidelines. Consider these in light of your parenting style, your child's development, and your family values.


Violates Guidelines

Apps have one or more factors causing them to be unsuitable for many children. These apps may not be appropriate until your child is nearly ready for unrestricted, unmonitored adult technology.

How to use Pinwheel’s rating system

Pinwheel evaluates apps based on a set of guidelines developed in conjunction with child development experts.

Our Rating Criteria

Our child-development specialists defined clear criteria for safe and healthy apps. They advise that apps that are designed to cause addiction, disconnection from real life, or to give access to the internet and social media should be carefully supervised and monitored and limited by parents.


Pinwheel apps are not built on the Vegas Effect, dripping dopamine and variable rewards to attract and fill an attention void.

Human connection first

Safe, face-to-face, genuine social experiences release hormones like oxytocin that boost our connection, mood and sense of wellbeing.

Connected, but not to "social media"

Communication and photo sharing is restricted to only approved contacts from our safelist.

Tech as a tool, not a relationship

Genuinely helpful tools that make technology serve us, while maintaining our role as protagonists in our own lives.

Caregivers are final gatekeepers

Caregivers want to protect their children and they want their children to have the skills necessary to be successful in a tech world.

Healthy and safe tech - no ads

Pinwheel has apps that continue connection with those in the child’s life and allows for fun and creative ways to share. Our proprietary rating system clearly indicates when an app has ads so you can make informed decisions.

Technically feasible

Apps that seem healthy from other platforms may not be on Pinwheel. We carefully curate apps with our therapist professionals to ensure quality and safety in order to align with the Pinwheel brand promise.

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