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Free to download and use up to 20 conversations per month. Subscribe for unlimited.

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Parent monitoring for extra peace of mind

PinwheelGPT only gives kid-appropriate answers, but we’ve added an extra layer of insight with the parent app. You can see what your child is wondering about, clarify answers, and help your child understand how to use AI technology.

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PinwheelGPT works on any device, not just Pinwheel phones!

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Frequently Asked Questions



Is Chat GPT safe for kids?

Chat GPT has several challenges, including providing answers that are too complex, or might be inappropriate for children. PinwheelGPT filters the chats, making them safe for children.

Does my child need a Pinwheel phone to use PinwheelGPT?

No! The free PinwheelGPT app works on any device. Just download the app from the Google Play or Apple App Stores. If your child has a Pinwheel, you can download it to your child's device from the Pinwheel App Library. Parents can monitor chats on any browser, or from the app.

What is the cost?

It's free to use PinwheelGPT for both parents and kids, up to 20 conversations per month. If you want to use more than that, just subscribe to a monthly ($19.99 per month) or annual ($79.99) plan.

What's the difference between Chat GPT and PinwheelGPT?

PinwheelGPT is designed for kids, with kid-friendly and appropriate answers. It also comes with parental monitoring so you can see what your child is wondering about.

Are the answers accurate?

All AI Chatbots sometimes give incorrect information. That's why PinwheelGPT allows parent monitoring to clarify any inaccurate or vague information.