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Giving your kid their first cell phone this holiday season? 🎁 

Give yourself the gift of protection and peace of mind, too! 
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Pinwheel and Bark are teaming up to offer families an unbeatable holiday deal

For a limited time you can get Pinwheel preloaded with Bark for only $129*!

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*$129 price includes only the Pinwheel Slim phone. Cellular, Pinwheel, and Bark subscriptions required. Offer good Nov 8 '21-Jan 31 '22 or while supplies last*

Your kids beg for a phone.

You agonize over it.

Pinwheel and Bark allow parents AND kids to win! Give your kid their first phone, and yourself the gift of peace of mind. 


Pinwheel smartphone for kids

Pinwheel helps keep trouble out of reach of children. Real phones they’ll be happy to have, without all the adult functions that worry you: no web browser, no social media, no app store. You get the phone directly from us, with the Pinwheel system and Bark already on it.



Remotely managed and guided by parents

Our unique system makes it possible for you to manage and monitor their Pinwheel from your computer or our Caregiver App on your Android or Apple phone or tablet. 

Pinwheel apps


Monitored by Bark

Bark monitors a child's texts, photos, and apps, alerting parents to signs of possible issues. Eliminate the "give me your phone" drama using Bark and Pinwheel.


Thousands of families are choosing Pinwheel and Bark this holiday season


"The solution that works"

This phone is the solution we have needed for years. Easy parental control dashboard, son likes that it looks and operates like regular smartphone, but he can't work around it like other parental control apps we have tried. EXCELLENT customer service, Very responsive. Can't recommend them enough! This mom is a happier mom and less stressed because of this phone.

"The phone we've been looking for"

Pinwheel is an amazing company. Our family is very happy with the phone and the tech support is incredible. I am a structured person so I definitely like the Days, Modes, and Routines. I especially like the apps that are tools for learning and growth and without addictive social media or inappropriate websites. Now I can relax knowing that my children have a safe list of contacts and that I can monitor their activity from my own phone or caregiver portal. I have 9 children on Pinwheel phones and we (parents and children) are all delighted with this product.

"Peace of mind with Pinwheel"

We needed our son to be able to get in touch with us in emergencies but we also didn't want to release the World Wide Web on him at such a young age. Pinwheel gives us peace of mind knowing that we can reach him and he can reach us when necessary, but he doesn't have access to content or material that is not age appropriate for him. We love that we can add apps and permit more freedom as he grows and becomes more responsible and aware.

Need more information?

We are here to answer any questions about how Pinwheel and Bark work together

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