Pinwheel helps you guide your child's phone use

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Remote text monitoring
Approved contacts only

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No social media
No web browser

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900+ vetted apps
In-depth safety ratings

Compare Pinwheel to Gabb

Pinwheel combines peace of mind for you and a sleek, modern smartphone with cool features for your child.
Read any text message remotely, even deleted ones
Blocks 100% of spam and stranger calls and text
900+ vetted apps with safety ratings
Multiple music streaming apps
Lock contacts or apps based on time of day
Multiple cellular carriers
No social media or web browser
GPS Locator

Why parents are choosing Pinwheel over Gabb

Pinwheel has useful apps!

To me the key difference is that the Pinwheel phone can be modified and updated based on your growing child, their daily schedule, and the cream-of-the-crop apps in the App Library. Gabb phones can only run their standard configuration of ~14 apps. Gabb phones block useful apps that parents use and trust, yet they don't block outside callers.

Sara W

More affordable options than Gabb.
No required contracts.

Pinwheel offers higher end phones with lower monthly charges, plus a no monthly charge option.

Pinwheel Monthly (No Contracts)
Pinwheel Prepaid Pack (no monthly charges)
Pinwheel Slim or Gabb Phone
Parental Management Software
$15 /month
Cellular service
$10 /month
Or choose your own
$25 /month
Gabb wireless is only option
Total 2-year cost

Monthly charge for additional child
$5 /month
$30 /month
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We make switching easy.

And you can get up to $100 back!

If you're in a Gabb contract that has a fee to cancel, Pinwheel will reimburse you up to $100 for those fees. Plus, you don't need to sign any contracts with us. You can also keep your current phone number if you choose to.

High-quality, reliable kids phones



Samsung A14_Front_Back_800x800

Pinwheel Plus 3

  • 5G compatible

  • 6.5” display

  • 50MP camera

  • 64 GB Memory

  • Fingerprint unlock

Slim 5_1500x1500

Pinwheel Slim 5

  • 6.8” HD Infinity Display
  • Triple lens camera
  • 128 GB Memory
  • Slim design
  • Fingerprint unlock
Rugged 3_1500x1500

Rugged 3

  • 5.7” display
  • 13MP camera
  • 64GB Memory
  • Ruggedized
  • Dirt and water resistant

Pinwheel vs. Gabb FAQs

How can I see my child's text messages and call history?

Communication Monitoring on a Pinwheel

Parents and caregivers can remotely view a child's entire text and call history on Pinwheel's Caregiver Portal, knowing that children can't delete texts on Pinwheel.

Communication Monitoring on a Gabb

With Gabb caregivers need to take their child's phone to monitor their texts or call history. 

What Apps are available?

Apps on a Pinwheel

Pinwheel's App Library contains almost 1,000 vetted apps with in-depth safety ratings. No busy parent has the time or energy to evaluate every app, so Pinwheel's dedicated app team provides easy-to-understand ratings for each app in the library, along with what you need to know before adding an app to your child's phone.

Apps on a Gabb

Gabb includes a limited number of apps. As kids grow they need certain apps to support their extracurricular activities, schedules and homework assignments. Gabb does not allow adding most outside apps.

How can I manage who my child can communicate with?

Contact Safelist on a Pinwheel

Nobody can call or text the phone who isn't on the Safelist of approved contacts. Parents can limit the phone to emergency contacts at school and at night, but enable friends, family, coaches, or neighbors during other modes. Once your child is ready, you can give them the ability to manage their own contacts.

Contact Filtering on a Gabb

Gabb relies on its proprietary filtering technology to block spam and unwanted calls, instead of contacts being individually approved. 

How can I manage my child's screen time?

Schedules on a Pinwheel

Caregivers can schedule when their kids can use specific features. Modes like "school mode," "everything mode," and "family time mode" change every app, contact, and routine on the phone to lock or unlock features, contacts and apps depending on the time of day.

Schedules on a Gabb

The only mode on the phone is full access to everything on the phone. You can't turn off calls and texts during school or bedtime, change it to an "emergency contacts only" device, or turn on just the piano practice apps.