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Real parents share their honest stories, while licensed therapists and digital wellness experts offer advice on handling our kids' latest tech challenges.

You're not alone in this domain. Together, we'll understand what our kids experience, how to guide them through it, and ultimately build stronger bonds with our families.



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In the Press

Pinwheel in the news


Pinwheel named as a kid's top alternative to smartphones 

With the new school year just around the corner, The Wall Street Journal recently featured Pinwheel as one of the best ways for parents to keep in touch with their young students.

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USA Today Features Pinwheel

With less than a year of being on the market, the public is embracing Pinwheel's concept of a smartphone designed for kids.

USA Today recently featured Pinwheel in an article reviewing what parents should consider before making that important purchase. 

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New York Times Pinwheel Feature

Worried About Your Teen on Social
Media? Here’s How to Help.

Pinwheel, a smartphone with multiple built-in parental controls, including the ability to monitor your child’s communications.


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Psychology Today Pinwheel Feature

Parents should focus on building and maintaining strong relationships with their kids before trying to manage their screen time
A "smarter" phone option might be one like the Pinwheel phone that is built to be a tool and not a toy. It has parent-managed contact lists and does not have some of the trappings of a full-fledged smartphone that are of concern to so many parents (e.g., social media, YouTube, games, Google).

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Yahoo News Pinwheel Feature

Healthiest mobile device families can purchase for their children.
Pinwheel's family-focused technology struck a chord with parents, resulting in quadrupled projected sales for 2020. Pinwheel's therapist-endorsed system, when coupled with Bark's groundbreaking monitoring and filtering technology, positions Pinwheel to become the healthiest mobile device families can purchase for their children.


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Why thousands of families are choosing Pinwheel

Many parents share the same concerns that you have. Read real stories about how Pinwheel has helped parents navigate this challenge.

"The solution that works"

This phone is the solution we have needed for years. Easy parental control dashboard, son likes that it looks and operates like regular smartphone, but he can't work around it like other parental control apps we have tried. EXCELLENT customer service, Very responsive. Can't recommend them enough! This mom is a happier mom and less stressed because of this phone.


"A True Kid's Phone"

Overall, I’m so pleased I’ve already written a long glowing review on my facebook page because many of my friends have kids of similar ages and I wish someone had told me about Pinwheel sooner and saved me the months of searching and research 😊 I was also pleasantly surprised that the pinwheel service for the 2nd phone was discounted, which was wonderful!

Thank you Pinwheel for making a TRUE kids phone!

-Lyndsay Heartsill

"Great customer service and great product"

Very exceptional customer service! Genn was super patient with me and offered some very helpful feedback to help me with my problem. The pinwheel phone is a great phone that blocks inappropriate content that would usually be on a regular phone. Adding apps is just as easy as adding apps on a regular phone but instead of having to add them in the google play store, I can just add them on my portal.

-James Warr

In Blogs

Pinwheel in parenting blogs

Exhausted Mama Pinwheel Phone For Kids

Best Parent-Approved Phones for Kids
The Pinwheel phone is a great option if you want to allow carefully selected apps and be involved in the management of your child’s phone. With the Pinwheel phone, everything is managed through a caregiver portal. 

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Which phones are Safest for Teens?

Pinwheel comes with a library of apps curated by therapists and psychologists including mainstream useful apps like music players and FitBit. Parents can say yes or no to each app. There is no app store, no social media, and no internet browser.

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Pinwheel phone for young teens review

As a parent, if you are looking for a first phone, that looks, feels and functions like a smartphone, provides full parental scaffolded control, then you will likely not be disappointed with the Pinwheel as your child’s first smarter phone.


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Screen Shot 2021-09-23 at 5.19.17 PM

Why I’ve Chosen Pinwheel as the best ‘First Phone’ Choice

So I’m sold. I really believe that Pinwheel is the perfect option for parents of younger kids who want a way to stay in touch, vet contacts, track location and teach digital citizenship skills. 

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It gives you as the parent discretion as to what they can access, but it has no internet browser and has no ability to have social media.
The new Pinwheel phone puts the parent in control and will grow with your kiddo! No ads, no digital addiction, and no negative influences of social media, AND you can add on BARK to monitor the connections to the outside world that you do allow. Win win win!!! 


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