Helps you guide your child from their first phone to independent, responsible use of technology.



Ages 8-11


Ages 11-14


Ages 14+

Their phone.
Guided by you.

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Safelist allows approved contacts only

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Text and call history monitoring

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Hundreds of pre-screened apps with in-depth safety ratings

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GPS location for peace of mind

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Manage screen time with schedules

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Set tasks to build independence

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Workaround and loophole prevention


Apps they want, vetted by us and unlocked by you

Pinwheels include safe, helpful apps out of the box, such as a calculator, flashlight and camera. Our App Library offers more than 1,200 additional vetted apps you can add to your child’s device as they grow in their digital literacy. Each app includes ratings based on our therapist council recommendations, and detailed information so that you can make informed choices for your child.

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High-quality phones for every budget

Choose multiple phone models from Samsung, Google Pixel and more, including starter options.

Choose the carrier that’s right for your family

Pinwheel works on the major Canadian carriers with the same great features. Get a SIM card and plan from your favourite provider.

Why thousands of families trust us to help navigate their technology journey

It doesn't have social media. It doesn't have an Internet browser.

But it does have apps that have been selected by you and vetted by the Pinwheel team. It looks just like a regular Android phone and has been great for my teenage daughters."

Krystyn H

Sarah Kimmel Photo

I can honestly say I’ve never been more impressed with a smartphone built for kids. This one has a HIGHLY curated list of apps you can approve, and set different modes throughout the day to open up different types of apps like music at night or reading during school. You HAVE to check this one out if you are in the market.

Sarah Kimmel, Tech Expert

Flower Avatar
Great phone first phone for kids!

I really love this phone for my 11 year old. I had a recent issue (most likely my own user error) and customer service gladly fixed it for me! So far the product and the customer service has been great!

Kristina Burrow

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Love, love, love Pinwheel!

I love pinwheel for my children! The customer service is outstanding! Literally, the best ever. I have yet to have a problem that they don't solve in 5 minutes. The phone is fabulous for kids. You choose what apps, what contacts and what times they can use the phone. No web browser at all! But data or WIFI that works with gps apps, banking apps, school apps and more! Seriously, 100% satisfied with the phone, the company, the customer service!

Marie Ballif

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She said it was her best birthday ever!

Thank you for creating a phone for our tween kids and working so hard on a product both parents and kids want! It’s the perfect phone for my 10 year old. 💗. Thank you for shipping it in time for her birthday!!

Kimber Carothers

Cool sun Avatar
Such a wonderful way for kids to learn how to use a smart phone, with parent peace of mind
We have had Pinwheel phones for our two girls (ages 9 and 12) for 3 years now. They have been such a wonderful way for them to learn how to use a smart phone, while allowing us the peace of mind and control that they are not accessing inappropriate apps or content. As a psychologist and parent, I have been so impressed with the apps availability, I love that they can’t get on social media apps, and I have found Pinwheel customer service to be highly responsive and easy to work with when problems arise. Strongly recommend these phones for kids and teens of all ages!!!

Katie Zilm

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is rated 4.7 stars


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