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Their phone.
Guided from yours.

Pinwheel grows up with your child as they gain responsibility and you drip out more freedom, building the skills necessary to prepare them for their generation rather than ours.
Caregiver Portal On Desktop, Tablet, And Mobile


Pinwheel, the art of constructive use of technology.

With our thoughtfully created operating system, we give caregivers the ability to enable creativity, communication, and responsibility in the form of daily schedules that can be customized to suit your family needs.

Enhanced Caregiver Portal - Modes Feature
Edit Modes

Give your mode a title. Consider a time of day you’re creating the mode for and enable or disable apps, contacts and routines.


Edit Preset Days

Create a type of day, like a School Day and apply the modes you created to the timeline. You can create multiple preset days like weekend days, holidays, summer, etc.


Setup the Calendar

With all your preset days ready to go, you can activate each preset for each individual day of your child’s regularly scheduled week.


Enable or disable features right in the palm of your hands

Start building out your days and modes, enable some apps, create a list of routines, and add contacts to our safelist. You can even view message and call history.

App Boutique Screenshot
Enable Apps

Enable a series of apps by setting the mode to promote well-rounded development.


Routines Screenshot
Create Routines

Create a list of routines that will keep your kids productive throughout the day.


Safelist Contacts Screenshot
Safelist Contacts

Finally! No spam calls or texts from unapproved contacts. And contacts can change per mode.


Message History Screenshot
Message + Call History

Monitor your child's conversations as they learn healthy communication. Deleted texts still show.


There's no one doing it quite like us

Table Comparing Pinwheel Vs. Gabb And Competitors


We built a system to work with your values instead of fight them as you teach your kid to use tech


Respect Time

You teach them to respect the time they earn at school.

Father And Son With Pinwheel Phone
Boy Washing Dishes
Manage Time

You teach them to manage time for chores and school work.

Value Time

You teach them to value time for human connections with family and friends.

Girl Reading Book To Mom and Brother

Resource Center

Read some of our blogs to learn more


Stay up-to-date with the latest info from our therapists, technologists, and experts in the community!

Boy On Couch With Pinwheel Phone