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Let's get your Pinwheel phone set up FAST!


Caregiver Portal On Tablet, Desktop, And Mobile


We know. Time is short, and you just need it to work.

Welcome to the quick-and-easy version of setting up your Pinwheel phone. There is a lot more to learn and to make use of than we'll cover here — but you can learn that later. Right now, follow me, and we should have you ready to go in 10 minutes or less.

Family Setting Up Caregiver Portal
Download Icon
Step 1

Download the Caregiver app on a tablet or smartphone. Begin to create an account.

button-Apple app-store   button-google play-store


Envelope with Checkmark
Step 2

Check your email for the verification code. Once you have it, enter it in.

Add A Child Icon
Step 3

Add a child on the next screen.

  • The Child's info is to log in to the phone itself. Each child with have their own login for their own Pinwheel phone.
  • You can manage more than one Pinwheel phone through a single Caregiver Portal.
Contacts Icon
Step 4

Be sure to add yourself and any other important people as contacts on the phone.

Go to Contacts and Add New.

product UI
Final Step

Now start exploring!

Create custom modes

Enable apps

Structure your child's daily tasks

Quick Phone Setup


Make sure the phone is charged


Insert the SIM card with an active data plan


Connect to wifi


Login with child’s username and password


That's it!

There's so much good stuff in the portal for you to explore, to make Pinwheel an awesome learning phone for your kid. You'll love the power of days/modes/routines to teach your kids good habits. But for now, this should have you up and running!



Prefer to watch a video?

Watch our onboarding video that includes everything you need to know about getting your account set-up fast.

Schedule a 1:1 set-up with our team!

Need more hands on help getting started? Schedule a 1:1 with our team and we will get you started.