How Pinwheel grows with your child

Starting Out

Parent leads decisions (do it for them)


Parent and child joint decisions (do it with them)

  • Switch to child-managed Safelist (parent approves)
  • Add image texting and discuss appropriate images
  • Monitor calls + texts and discuss anything concerning
  • Add more apps (consider yellow after reading ratings)
  • Use schedules to guide appropriate app usage times


Child-led decisions (watch them do it)

  • Child managed Safelist
  • Monitor texts less often, more as a safety net
  • Consider readiness for red-level apps
  • Try all-on mode to practice healthy screen time habits


Independent (do it on their own)

  • Move to an adult phone – Pinwheel can help!
  • Privacy, content and app filters if appropriate
  • Self-monitoring screen time app
Pixel 8A Double Angle

Phones that fit your child's age

Choose from multiple models from Samsung, Motorola and Google Pixel, including Rugged and starter options.